Sunday, October 2, 2011

Here we go!

Oct. 1, 2011
I have officially begun the construction of my home in Rocky Hollow, Texas, just outside of Georgetown, TX.  Matter of fact, I believe the ETJ was moved out to the new Ronald Reagan Hwy so that includes my property.

As I look back into 2010 I had to put in a new fence and install my gate that had been laying on the ground for over 5 years.  Still the guys did a very good job.  Notice all the cedars, brush and oaks on the land.  I had lots of work to do in clearing but the fence was installed by end of March 2010.  Notice also, how lush the grass, trees and cactus is.  This was not the case as we moved into 2011.  You will see how the drought has impacted the countryside.

Fence and gate are in!!!

Working on fence..notice lots of brush.

Location of gate prior to install. 
This is going to take some time since much has happen since the fence and gate was installed but in time I will get you caught up to today.

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