Friday, March 15, 2013

March 2013 Panels, More Clearing, Master Closet and Garage

Finally, the items I have completed this month.

With the soft top soil just delivered and some rain, these prints appeared one morning.  After help from James (son) and Edwin (brother), I believe these are from the coyote I saw previously.  Not a good feeling to know he is coming so close to the house.

There was a local auction of farm equipment and I had to wait it out till almost the end but by then there weren't many people still around and I won the bid for 30 panels for $50 ea.  I had been quoted $280 each to have portable panels built by my fence guy so it was a great deal.

I negotiated to have this local rancher haul them to my house for $100.  Turned out that Handy and Cat were very nice people and we enjoyed our visit.

At the house laying up against my new fence.

Just a reminder of how the front yard looked when I began this project over a year ago.

Now isn't that a lot better?  If you look closely, you can see the fence at the perimeter of the front yard.

This is looking toward the new parking area.

Still the front yard but you can see the fence at the very front of the yard.

Side of house with the fence visible.

I also worked on the mess still in the garage.  The peg board will help keep tools organized but I need to find something better than those hooks which come out every time I remove something.  The workbench has also proven very useful.

New shelves and tables will take some of stuff out of the boxes.  I still want to make a lumber hanger on top of the garage door since I have plenty of room and some good left-over lumber to be saved for other projects.

The Master Closet is finally finished and wasn't very hard.  I designed and sent off for the components on the internet.  I was pleased with the quality and fit.

It was a little challenging to make sure the components fit around the window.  But they fit perfectly.

I had put the double rod in a couple of months ago but now I can put in another shelf above the top rod.  Maybe later.

I also added a safe that I bolted to the studs.  The blouses cover it up so it isn't so obvious.


I am finally caught up but I still have more projects.


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  1. Hi! Interesting/great blog! Wondering how the house is doing? Is it finished? Could you post anything about the remainder of the project? post finished photos? How much per sq. foot did it end up costing? Did you contract this out by yourself? Is it built to some other "green" standards besides the water catchment system? If so, what have been the approximate costs of your monthly utility bills? We may go the builder route in San Antonio, but I don't think we could do it ourselves...would have to rely on a builder. Any recommendations? Is there anything else you could comment on, like things you wished you had done, any "surprises" or challenges along the way? Thanks! -Ka